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        About Me

        Hey guys! I’m Evan, or Ev. I grew up on the lakeshore’s of North West Arkansas and am currently based here in my home state. I am a little hippie at heart and I prefer an impossibly strong cup of coffee. My photography has taken me across the United States, to Canada, Thailand, New Zealand and Indonesia just to name a few. For as long as I can remember, I have always been fascinated with art in all of its forms – from visual arts such as sketching to the art of storytelling. And yes, I was 100% that weird art school kid. Writing down my stories and creating art became important outlets for me. It wasn’t until I graduated from high school and my parents gifted me my first Canon Rebel that I found an impossibly beautiful way to blend all of these art forms together. I am in love with the power of storytelling through images, and I found nothing else quite as striking to document as a wedding day. The love that can be seen between families and friends on the happiest day of someone’s life is so incredibly moving to me. I feel joy when you feel joy, and fair warning, I shed a tear or two at almost every wedding I photograph. I am so honored to document the most important day of my client’s lives and get to do what I love everyday.

        I would seriously love to chat with you about your upcoming wedding day plans – lets get the party started!


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        In the sea of photographers you have to choose from, you not only want an experienced professional who will deliver a quality product, but also a creative individual that you connect with and trust. Emotional connection and trust play a huge role in the quality and authenticity of your photos. If you gravitate towards my work emotionally, and think my quirkiness is sorta fun, we’re off to a great start! I describe my work as photo-journalistic, and I photograph with a documentary style approach. In other words, I go for the real stuff. Those fleeting little in-between moments and the emotion of it all. I thrive off being able to give these moments back to you just in the way you remembered them.