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        Photography is one of the most important investments that you'll make for your wedding day, hands down. It is choosing to invest in the human connection, and in the moments that make life worth living

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        - salt. nayyirah waheed

        Why Invest?

        Something that I hear from couples over and over again in regards to their wedding day is this – their regret in not investing in a quality, professional wedding photographer.  As a wedding professional, I wouldn’t even be able to tell you how many times I’ve heard from past brides who put photography as a non – priority that – “I wish I would have invested in a unique, experienced photographer for my wedding. I would give anything to go back and choose quality photos so I can remember it how it happened” or “I wish I would have chosen one that was a better fit for me”

        Choosing to invest in wedding photography by Evan Hopman is choosing professionalism. It is choosing someone who is so in love with their craft that love will pour into their client experience and final product. Choosing it is choosing a stress free experience knowing that you’ve hired a trusted professional to document one of the most important days of your life, in a style that you connect with.  It is choosing to invest in the human connection, and in the moments that make life worth living.

        As your wedding photographer -

        As your wedding photographer, your experience with me is of utmost importance. I feel insanely honored to receive the trust of my clients to help them remember the most important day of their life. I cherish being able to give those moments back to you in a way that you can emotionally connect with and forever keep with you.

        I am here to help you remember the raw moments, the real emotion. The times you laugh and the times you cried. And the people who were there to celebrate with you.


        – Ev